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About us

Who we are and what we do!

BOATSetc has been started with high performance carbon RC sail boats as the core of the business. We can provide kits through to ready to sail boats.

All boats offered are designed and built with maximum performance in mind. When evaluating performance versus cost we will always seek to maximize performance.

The designs currently offered have won major regattas all over the world including national and internationals titles.

Our pledge to our customers is, to deliver on expectations and provide our products in a timely way. We are scaling processing and production to meet varying demands. Waiting lists of a year and more to take delivery of a boat is not our idea of customer service. 


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Our Service

BOATSetc is your source for high performance pre-preg carbon RC sail boats.

We can provide hulls, kits through to ready to sail boats for Quark, Diamond, Argon and Sword.


High performance hulls designed by our technology partner SAILSetc as "out of the mould" or as kits in various stages


High performance boats completed with components sourced from SAILSetc as "Ready to Sail"


Consultancy and referral for your current or next RC sailing project in any of the IRSA classes


Making Progress

After a lot of talks, various meetings and countless hours on the PC our new Marblehead project "Nioutram" has taken the deciding step. We have a 3D data model. We are now going to go through a final check against the plans and the prototype hull we have. Pending approval this data will then go to our tool maker to cut all tooling necessary.

We are planning to have a first hull from this tooling by the end of February and will then complete this hull ready to sail. This first hull will also be given a final check against the prototype and after this final test we will be ready to start the production. Once we have reached this point we will be contacting all skippers who have stated interest in Nioutram and they will be able to reserve their spot on the building list.



We are a small but very effective team of experienced RC Sailors


Henning Faas

Seerosenweg 8
68259 Mannheim


Nigel Winkley

Dornröschenweg 31
28865 Lilienthal

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