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Boats in A Class are not limited in length, but are controlled by a formula which balances waterline length, displacement, and sail area. Using this formula, sail area reduces as displacement reduces and as waterline length increases. The formula was devised in 1922 by Major Malden Heckstall-Smith, then editor of the Yachting Monthly, for testing an alternative to the International Linear rule. A similar rating rule is still in use today in the 5.5 Metre class rule which also uses elements of the Linear rule. Although A Class boats are of a heavy ‘type’ there is flexibility to create lighter hull forms which excel in brisker conditions. a Nevertheless they are big boats compared with other rc classes and a fleet of A Class boats is an impressive sight. A modern A Class will usually be made using carbon fibre - hull, foils and spars.

BOATSetc is your source for high performance pre-preg carbon RC sail boats. We can provide hulls, kits through to ready to sail boats .


The boat has provided excellent results placing 1st and 2nd in the 2005 world championship. Since then the design has provided numerous wins in the AUS and GBR national championships.

  • moulded in pre-preg carbon
  • weight - about 750 grams, length 1,95 m incl. Bumper
  • natural black carbon finish
  • centre deck moulding with rc hatch and recess for pot
  • fin box and mast tube moulding built in
  • recesses for the snap in/out rigging screw system
  • witness marks for setting out positions of fittings
  • stern is low density epoxy filler

The Sword is available as a kit from about 2.180€  (incl Tax plus shipping)

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